The Demand for Eyelash Extensions

The Demand for Eyelash Extensions

Women desire length when it comes to the hair on their head and, certainly, their eyelashes. Throughout history, women have demonstrated various techniques for growing out their hair and, as science advances, the processes become easier and more effective.

Essentially, things that were once unattainable are easily obtained each day across the globe. Ladies, revel in this luxurious time for cosmetics--it will only get better. The demand for certain length-inducing procedures, like eyelash extensions, is incredibly high. Although this line of work requires training, the business afterward is steady, fast-paced, and growing.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

Differing from false eyelashes that require glue and plenty of patience, eyelash extensions improve the length, fullness, and general thickness of lashes by a professional combining mink, silk, or synthetic lashes to each individual natural lash.

Contrary to traditional "falsies," these lashes do not require the use of an adhesive being applied directly to the lid; each individual lash requires the adhesive. The end result is, of course, stunning lashes that coincide with your beautiful, natural lashes.

Who Gets Them?

Again, for as long as they were able, women have experimented in eyelash growth. From mascara to falsies, eyelash extensions are difficult to go up against. Celebrities and regular women get these lashes bi-weekly in order to eliminate the headache of applying false lashes. No maintenance is necessary on your part, which further adds to why these lashes are in such high demand.

The Training

Surely you would want a professional to work on you, so this procedure requires training to guarantee that quality is delivered to every client. Vast companies offer training courses for this process, and they last up to a month. During this time, students will need to learn the art and successfully apply lashes multiple times on a model. Once certified, students will be overwhelmed by the amount of clients eager to get their lashes. Business is booming in this practice.

Beauty schools are incorporating this art into their curriculum to keep up the growing demand as well. This procedure requires patience simply because it is repetitive and takes time to apply the synthetic lashes to every individual, natural lash. Learning the ins and outs of the products and procedure allows the professionals to educate their clients, further contributing to a society full of gorgeous eyes.

The Demand

A CoverGirl survey revealed that over 50 percent of women have or will get eyelash extensions in their lifetime. After undergoing this procedure, you will need to have them filled bi-monthly. The numerous new people and repeating clients that this process attracts continues to grow each day, so the need for certified professionals is growing. An incredibly beneficial industry needs those who are ready to take advantage of the demand.

Tracie Nguyen