How To Increase Your Business?

How To Increase Your Business?

Evolution in Eyelash Extension

Take time to explore the many new and exciting eyelash trends emerging. The intricate art of eyelash extensions involves careful weaving of the lash to the client’s natural lash. This is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.

Small salons and independent businesses are in an excellent position to benefit from this growing trend. Opening up salon space to independent contractors may be one approach, which also limits the owner’s fiscal responsibility in terms of benefits or insurances. Expanding salons and training staff may be a more long-term solution to making money from eyelash services.

Sage advice for students contemplating their career path would include gaining specialized training in the newest trend in beauty- eyelashes. Becoming a reputable and revered extension expert requires an advanced curriculum, but it is one that could pay off big, later on.

The profit margin within this field is extremely high. Your income will far surpass the cost of purchasing product.

                             FULL SET PER WEEK
Full Set Price      5           10          15          20
 $150                 $750     $1,500   $2,250   $3,500
 $250                 $1,250  $2,500   $3,750   $5,000
 $300                 $1,500  $3,000   $4,500   $6,000


                             FILLS PER WEEK

Fill Price            10          15         20            25
 $50                   $500     $750     $1,000     $1,250 
 $100                 $1,000  $1,500  $2,000     $2,500 
 $125                 $1,250  $1,875  $2,500     $3,125


Tracie Nguyen