Beauty beyond words.

When it comes to creating new profits for your business in a field that is growing in demand, nothing compares to eyelash extensions. And when it comes to learning how to become a confident lash professional, nothing comes close to the focused training you get with Global Beauty Lash.

Hands on experience. Professional certification.

In an ever-evolving business, our training and ongoing support are exactly what you need to become a sought after lash professional. Our classes are available to licensed aestheticians who want to take advantage of a business segment that, according to Women’s Wear Daily, is a $44 million a year business and growing. What’s more as a Global Beauty Lash Certified Professional, you benefit from a recurring source of revenue because lash extensions shed like natural lashes and require touch-ups every three to six weeks to keep them looking lustrous and luxurious.

Our Training Programs teach you how to safely apply eyelash extensions with the utmost precision. You learn:

  • In-depth theory on adhesive ingredients—why using the wrong one can hurt your client and your business
  • Proper health and safety practices—this is a very intimate process so keeping your work space clean and free of germs and other harmful chemicals is paramount to your success and your client’s well-being
  • About allergies and infections and what to do should a client have an adverse reaction to the process
  • How to recommend the right type of extensions to your clients that will enhance the beauty of their eyes without overpowering them.

Since we limit the size of our classes to 10 students, you benefit because the small-class environment allows us to provide one-on-one guidance and support. And you will be able to practice your newly honed skills on another member of the class. This “live person” experience will go a long way to helping you develop your technique and will give you the confidence it takes to earn the Global Beauty Lash Professional Certification. 

And when you’re certified you’ll be quickly known as a service-minded, expert lash master.