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Professional Kit

$1,200.00 $999.00
Professional Kit  
Royal Adhesive
Epic Adhesive
Plain gel remover 
Protein remover

Transpore tape

Micropore tape                                                                                      

Crystal palette 

10 Alcohol wipes 
6 Makeup remover 
Jade stone 
50 disposable glue ring 
100 Disposable glue palette 
1 Tube Small microfiber applicators 
1 Tube Long tipped applicators 
1 Tube Lint free applicators 
1 Tube Soft flex applicators 
1 Tube Pink Mascara Wands 
50 pairs of collagen eye patches 
Mini Fan 
Large T-Shirt 
Pink Nano Mister
Chapstick/ Sanitizer Combo
18x24 poster 
GBL Hot Pink Carry Case
Double Tweezer Case 
Single Tweezer Case 
X spring-less scissor 
Isolation Straight Stick 
Pro Semi-Curved Tweezer 
Lash Mirror 
6 Sealant Coating Mascara 
J.10 - 8mm,10mm,12mm 
J.25 - 9mm,11mm,13mm 
C.15 - 9mm,10mm,11mm 
C.20 Mixed Flat 
D.10 - 10mm,11mm,12mm 
C.20 Mixed 
D.20 - 12mm,13mm,14mm 
D.25 Mixed 
Flares - 5 flares .05 mixed 
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