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Starter Kit

$355.00 $284.00
Starter Kit

Legacy glue 
Protein remover 
Transpore tape 
Micropore tape 
Glue gel freshener 
Crystal palette 
4 Alcohol wipes 
Make up sponge
Makeup remover 
Jade stone 
20 Disposable glue palette
10 Small microfiber applicators 
10 Long tipped applicators 
10 Lint free applicators 
10 Soft flex applicators 
5blk 5pnk Mascara wands 
Practice strip lash 
5 pairs of collagen eye patches 
Air blower 
10 disposable glue ring
Straight tweezers 
Curved tweezers 
J curl .25 mix lash tray 
J curl .10 mix lash tray 
D curl .15 mix lash tray 
C curl .25 mix lash tray 
GBL Pen 
3 After Care Post cards 
Global Beauty Lash bag blk

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